Thursday, May 25, 2017

launch of new website and fundraiser

Since 2008 Countess’s unstoppable commitment to data collection and reportage puts gender equity on the record for everyone to see.

Women are 75% of art school graduates but only 34% of artists exhibited in our state museums and galleries. Statistics like this from the cannot be argued with – they are evidence that gender biases plays a role in determining what art is exhibited, collected and rewarded.

Countess is internationally recognised as the go-to resource for statistics, data and dialogue on gender equity in the Australian visual arts sector. We have already made an impact, sparking debate and excavating the often overlooked, entrenched and normalised gender biases of those in power, but there is still much work to be done.

Countess values access and inclusion and has always been freely available online as both a blog and interactive benchmarking report. Countess is a resource for the entire arts ecology – artists, art institutions and their arts workers, curators, directors, boards, art educators, students, art collectors and consumers.

Our counting has so far been limited by our resources. This has meant using data that is readily accessible – information that is determined by the visible, binaristic genders accounted for in press releases, magazines and official websites. We acknowledge this approach is necessarily limited and it is now essential to expand our scope to include and address a broader conversation.


Editorial Team
Countess has worked unpaid for too long! Countess needs your donation to fund an ambitious, focused and innovative new editorial team to ask new questions, drive new discussions and to discover and create new strategies and vision.

New Website
Your donation will fund the redesign and building of a robust, beautiful and instructive new website with an integrated database that will form the framework and platform for Countess activities going forward.

New Content
As well as continuing the important work of data collection and dialogue around gender equity Countess plans to launch an expanded online platform that will actively commission essays and reviews and creative responses that contribute a wider analysis and dialogue around the issues that create and effect gender equity in the Australian visual arts.

Suite of Educational Resources
Your donation will fund the expert research and development of dynamic and creative high school educational resources based around the Countess data and findings specifically for the year 12 curriculum and will be available freely on the new Countess website.

     If you want to be part of ensuring an accountable and more transparent art-world
     If you want a platform to discuss gender identity, intersectionality and representation in the art-world
     If you believe education and dialogue around gender bias has the potential to inspire lasting change
     If you believe Countess’ educational resources should be free
     If you believe education and dialogue around gender bias has the potential to inspire lasting change
     if you have ever wondered how gender bias affects you
Your donation is fully tax deductible thanks to the Australian Cultural Fund.

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