Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NAME THAT ARTIST! CoUNTess Drop In Centre @ Ideas Platform, Artspace Sydney 3-8 May 2016

Name that artist! Drop-in Centre, Gift Shop, Gender Bias Testing Machine, Discussion, Feedback, Interviews,

Elvis Richardson, artist and author of The Countess Report ( will be in residence at the Ideas Platform @ Artspace Sydney from the Tuesday 3rd - Saturday 7th May 2016.  The public and interested parties are invited to meet with Elvis in this drop-in / discussion space to share their feedback and responses to The Countess Report in person. You can also share your thoughts on The Countess Report online via twitter #thecountessreport during this time.  

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Unknown said...

Foster artists gallery is for artists who have spent time in or been raised in the foster care system. Particularly the ages going through the transition from foster youth to foster adults, Transitional Age Youth (TAY) many statistics say between the ages of 16-25. We believe ages 14-20 are critical years for these individuals to have extra attention. At this time we are only accepting submissions from 18 years for more detailss visit