Thursday, June 26, 2014


A consistent number at the CoUNTesses offices is 40.  That's 40% on average of representation of women artists in Australia's public and commercial galleries.  But CoUNTess noticed a couple of changing signs that inch our numbers closer towards equality in gender representation in the visual arts we thought we would share with you.  42 for now is the new 40.

First of all, we're pleased to see so many female artists represented by commercial galleries and getting some wall space at this this years Gallery Art Basel Hong Kong. In fact, 42% of the Australian galleries artists in the Hong Kong Basel Art Fair are women!

Diane Tanzer - Natasha Bieniek
Utopian Slumps - Jake Walker
Sullivan_Strumpf - Sam Leach, Tony Albert, Ex de Medici, Alex Seton
Tolarno Gallery - Anastasia Klose, Patricia Picinini, Ben Quilty
Jan Murphy Gallery - Danie Mellor
Murray White Room - Polly Borland, Anne-Marie May, Alasdair McLuckie, Aubry/Broquard
Anna Schwartz - Heman Chong, Angela de la Cruz
Roslyn Oxley9 - Daniel Boyd, Fiona Hall

CoUNTess has been keeping a running tab of art prizes over the last twelve months (but admits it is not an exhaustive range) but found have found changes here, too, in the land of art prizes with 42% of the 2013 winners being female artists!

While understanding the limits of magical thinking and the claim that 42 is the answer to the universe and everything, and remembering that Elvis did not live to see 43, CoUNTess believes that 42 is indeed a special number that we will be keeping our eye on.

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Cath Clover said...

How is the Melbourne art fair shaping up, Countess?