Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adelaide Biennial 2012

CoUNTess has received a few emails and comments about the upcoming 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art that point out the gender imbalance in its line up of "leading artists", so we have put together some numbers for you.

It is worth noting that all the curators for the Adelaide Biennial have been women. The 2012 Biennial is made up of three exhibitions that appear to separate art into different categories 1. International artists Restless 2. Indigenous artists Deadly and 3. Australian artists Parallel Collisions and we have counted all three.

In the Biennial's exhibitions of international art and Indigenous art, women are well represented, but when we come to the category "Australian Art" CoUNTess concludes that, yes, the show does has a very male flavour. To see this current "Australian Art" exhibition in a historical context we have counted what we could find documented online from 2004-2012 (click here).

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Anonymous said...

count.esses thank you for your dissection..
i would say gender equality is more about the security, maturity and vision of the curators..